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Competitive Rates

Translation Services
At DRG we believe in providing our clients with the most competitive rates without sacrificing quality. We work efficiently, reduce our overhead fees to a minimum and rely on a network of professionals that understand our cost-effective mission.

We thrive to take any job, no matter how big or small, offering the same unparalleled client service. Once you have experienced our quality and affordability, we know you will remain a DRG Translations client, and that is our best guarantee.

The rates on translation projects are based on several factors:
  • Source and Target language
  • Number of words in source document
  • Technical nature of the document
  • Amount of time needed to complete the translation


Some Of Our Distinguished Clients
We work with prominent law firms, corporations, universities, hospitals, schools, and organizations around the country and abroad, as well as individuals that have the needs for translation services.

DRG Translations is proud to promote the success of its clients through effective multilingual communications. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Our client retention rate is a good indicator of the service we provide.

 Law Offices of Rebeca F. Yaker, P.A.        Law Offices of Moreno & Associates        Kenneth Ross Mortgage Corporation               Law Offices of Barbara Warren Loli, P.A.          Susana Mandel, M.D.